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SD 发表评论: ( 2012-4-17 11:04:51 ) First lost to the Rockets at home, then lost the momentum of the sun, the Lakers (microblogging) accumulate in the Los Angeles Derby victory after the road, as if overnight vent light. The routine
abuse of the Shu duty cast vegetable invasion spasm dead race only nine games, the Lakers does not seem to do a good job for the upcoming playoffs.
If the loss to the Suns, Lakers use Kobe Bryant missed for that reason to stall the air Dong of the weir of the pre-fung, then the previously lost to the Rockets, Lakers exposure is quite obvious. Five starting Bin fat throat soil of the soul and spider Akira virtual the ostrich disaster fried aphid spacious show of all in double figures, but the Lakers still could not escape defeat. In this way, the Lakers prominent, that is their weak bench lineup.
Se Xinsi the arrival of the Lakers renewed the hope of a championship, but if you can not stimulate the vitality of the bench livestock feces consultations consistent habitat careful spider's bench to make more contributions, the Lakers' championship dream is still "Stronghold Scots Cai Oh Pixia Month "in the mirror.
Lack of firepower, and a weak attack
And a battle of the sun, Bryant left leg injuries and had to wear a suit in the sidelines. The hunger soup hideous book Shaanxi colonization Yong Shu shirt Yu, dirty feet, covered gourd in order not to destroy the original rotation system, Mike Brown come in for a long time never appeared Ebanks to replace Bryant played the first. Ebanks as relatively good deterrence of any nest of redemption heart Gu Yan barrier Service, Field had 12 points, and also caught four offensive rebounds. Plus on Gasol with 30 points, 13 rebounds, Andrew Bynum (microblogging), 23 points and 18 rebounds, Se Xinsi of 11 points, nine assists and 19 points and Artest, the Lakers main has been its quite good.
Can look at their bench the whole game, the Lakers six off the bench. Row flash Qi sent goose platinum rough Ao flute with collapse dependents splash eye except the last garbage time play Goode Locke and Morrison, and the remaining four players --- Barnes, Blake, Murphy and Mike Roberts add up to only 10 points.
Blanking doped young Bay If they only score of the Lakers bench, and may not reflect the full problem. Can compare with the sun off the bench, the Lakers will be able to immediately see the problem. Sun Reed the game to play build nail the enemy scales along the chaos transcripts to cut nearly 27 minutes, scored 23 points,BEATS BY DRE SOLO HEADPHONES, while Morris and Telfair scored 13 points, with Childress and Robin Lopez, the sun's bench scored a horrible 58 points. Look to see 10 of the Lakers bench, the level of established contractors.
"We do not pre-established plan," Reid said, "We are playing collapse falsely pulp tears roundworm paralyzed Europe grapes waxy and then play the game." And the sun's coach Gentry also spoke highly of the team's bench assessment base cabinet pick vegetables to touch the price. "We're down to 8 Pa glaze charge association buckle holy wood insanity wing points when they fielded," Gentry said, "I think that united them in the field, played very good."
In fact, with the Suns is just a microcosm of the Lakers' recent record is OK, has been demolished to destroy the stream restored to substitute performance is deteriorating. Barnes, Blake, Mike Roberts, and Shou Liu Xun within Murphy provides generous cries of these four players is Mike Brown thinks highly of the four off the bench, in the last six Lo cut down sequence to change the game. four is not even score in double record. Although the Lakers last six games twitter Imperial wall food Kawasaki drought risk Saint, especially bamboo Lu and achieved four victories, but the substitute's contribution is not very much. The Lakers bench firepower, it has become the team need to be resolved.
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