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作者: goutogto20    時間: 2013-5-30 10:41     標題: PodOmatic Podcast - electronic music bears

Ryan Crowder is a San Francisco dweller and music gobbler. Sometimes he plays parties, and releases a series of mixes each year highlighting the newest and gooiest of what musicians have to offer. He's in love with SF's local queer art performance and drag scenes,BEATS BY DR DRE HEADPHONES, comic culture,BEATS BY DRE STUDIO HEADPHONES, has been known to pat a couple bear bellies and digs any op for music and dancing. He is also an avid crocheter and seamster, and enjoys making things and stuff. Lots of times he shares his music dreams and nightmares through "the social media". He can be found on Twitter (@Crowderism) or at .
I like pop music. But I like pop music that is a little more complicated than to be expected. Tho I admit its not that surprising how much i like synthpop in its many forms, but I don't claim to be highbrow. In addition to normal dancing I also enjoy sit dancing. Mellow things that just flow along are really nice too. I am sort of perpetually attracted to the catchy hook and can't deny how much pleasure it give me. So I went with that.
While listening to this mix tape I've made you, imagine us dancing to this stuff. It could be a fun time no? Or if you prefer, maybe we could just hang out and laugh around a table with some besties with this on. The 80s can be irresistible and I think you will find sounds based in high energy pop of that decade shaped this mix. Personally,BEATS BY DRE NBA HEADPHONES, this is a mix I like bringing with me on walk around the city. It turned out to be a lot about risky lovin', I don't really see how that happened. But here ya go!

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